Plug and Play product photography of glasses

ORBITVU has specially designed a plug & play solution, which handles all stages of the spectacle photography process in-house through just 3 steps – extremely fast and therefore cheap and in exceptionally good quality.

Advantages of Orbitvu:

Achieve huge savings with Orbitvu if you:

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Case study with Bildeler

Alphastudio XXL

Alphashot XXL

The perfect photo studio for photographing workwear.

Professional content and faster workflow.

The entire photo process is automated with Alphashot XXL, which cuts the time per image down to seconds. This includes removing the background and inserting shadows and/or reflections. You do not have to be a photographer to get perfect packshots.

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Faster, easier, cheaper

Create 5 images in no time, with the perfect shadows and angles for customer conversion on your webshop.

With Orbitvu, you can shoot up to 50 packshots in 5 hours with 5 images each: with correct colors and perfect uniformity.

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Orbitvu product photography solutions stacked in front of each other
process from photostudio to ecommerce website on smartphone screen. red high heels, blue boots and yellow boots

No creative restrictions

Create creative and stylistic product images in the photo studio with fully controllable LED lighting. Group photos, videos, and 360° photos.

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Visualize your products in 360°

With Orbitvu’s 360 degree solution you give your customers access to inspect your products from all desired angles on your webshop, increasing willingness to buy and reducing costly returns.

In just 3 minutes, the Orbitvu solution photographs the product from all angles, then uploads the 360 degree image directly to your webshop – in the same way as standard packshots.

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