The traditional photo equipment needs to be replaced

ORBITVU’s advanced “Plug & Play” product photography solutions make product photography faster, cheaper, easier and deliver better quality. ORBITVU brings together all traditional product photography processes in one.

Customers expect higher and higher quality from your product images. Today, with super-modern smartphones, customers can take great photos themselves, which puts even greater demands on product photos to be perfect and consistent every time.

To sell your products, you need to keep buyers interested with perfect product images. Lighting, cropping, colour, texture and consistency across the site give the customer the confidence and desire to buy from you. The customer should be able to zoom in and out easily and use the advanced 360-degree function.

Traditionally, this involves a huge amount of photography equipment that is expensive, space-consuming, and difficult to set up in a consistent way from time to time. The traditional photo studio can only be used by the same people and offers little flexibility. Once the photos are taken, the images need to be post-processed. Background exposure, lighting adjustment, and other image editing must be done.

Photo equipment comes in many different shapes and price ranges. Putting together a professional photo studio is difficult and expensive. Figuring out how many flash lights, softboxes and reflector screens are needed in your photo setup is extremely complicated. In addition to this, these also need to be placed perfectly to get the best possible results, and require ample amounts of space to have standing. All in all, the process involves many people and is much more complicated, time-consuming and expensive than it needs to be.

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ORBITVU’s advanced but user-friendly equipment

All this is avoided with ORBITVU’s solutions that simplify and automate the whole process, through a complete and compact photo studio tailored to your needs.

With ORBITVU you reduce the processes involved in creating traditional product photos. This saves you time and a lot of money, because you achieve a proven 6 times more efficient production of product photos.

Add to this the fact that ORBITVU’s images are produced in the best quality, representing the optimal match between resolution, size, and lightning-fast viewing on the web. Since it is, typically, images in the wrong format and resolution that stand in the way of a fast website/webshop, you are guaranteed to experience a faster site when you switch to images taken with ORBITVU.

With ORBITVU you dramatically simplify the process and you don’t need to be a photographer to take product photos. Just place the product where the laser light projects. The image is taken via your own Canon camera, while ORBITVU’s software does the rest, including background removal, auto-cropping, setting up shadows and reflections, and automatic upload.

ORBITVU’s justerbare LED-paneler gøre det muligt at finde den rette belysning på få sekunder. Helt som du vil have det. Herfra behøver du aldrig at røre LED-panelerne igen, da disse altid vil være at finde i samme sted som det du indstillede dem til. Selv hvis du flytter ORBITVU’s maskine. ORBITVU løsningerne er nemme, hurtige og billige alternativer til et traditionelt fotostudie med produktfoto udstyr, samtidig med at kvalitet og ensartethed øges.

Alt er inkluderet med ORBITVU, og du behøver ikke bruge tid på at finde den perfekte opsætning hver gang du begynder en ny fotosession. Du kan gemme opsætningerne i skabeloner.

ORBITVU passer perfekt til den erfarne fotograf, der ønsker perfekte produktfoto hver gang, og som samtidig ønsker at tilbyde sine kunder en total løsning for både perfekte produkt foto og kreative situationsfoto. ORBITVU giver fotografen langt mere tid til kreative og mere økonomisk indbringende situationsoptagelser.

ORBITVU passer også til virksomheden der ønsker en nem og tilgængelig plug & play løsning hvor produktfotograferingen skal være nemt og ligetil og kunne benyttes af alle. Perfekt hver gang.

ORBITVU’s løsninger er fuldt integrerbare med Canon kameraer og Nikon kameraer, der giver de bedste resultat med ORBITVU’s intelligente software.

Med OBITVU kan du optage alt fra højtopløselige packshots til 360 optagelser og videoer.

ORBITVU’s udstyr og software står også for automatisk efterbehandling, fritlægning, tilpasning af eventuelle skygger, udskiftning af baggrund m.v.

I stedet for at bruge uanede mængder af tid på at sætte lys, baggrund og reflektorskærme op for hver session, tilbyder ORBITVU Nordic dig en plug & play in-house løsning til produktfotografering, der reducerer både tiden og ressourcerne brugt på traditionel produktfotografering og alt det udstyr der følger med det.

Orbitvu Micro


ALPHASHOT XL can automatically shoot 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to size 70x50x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 25 kg.


ALPHASTUDIO Compact pro v2 can automatically shoot 2D packshots and 360 ° photos of products up to the size 130x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.


ALPHASHOT 360 can automatically shoot 2D packshots and 360 ° photos of products up to the size of 30x30x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 3 kg.

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