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360° product images that sell.

The future of effective 360-degree product imaging is here, and it’s happening in collaboration with ORBITVU.

Mobile photo studio for 360 degree photos

360° photography in 3 minutes. ORBITVU’s 360-degree solution photographs your products from all angles in just 3 minutes. The customer visiting your webshop can now rotate, zoom and inspect your product in full detail.

It is currently the best alternative to having the product in hand yourself.

Automated photo studio for your purposes

The perfect 360 degree image solution

Plug & play, ease of use in a nutshell!

Like 2D photos, 360 degree images can be uploaded directly to your webshop right down to seconds after the image is shot.

Customers’ requirements for product photos are towering. They expect the images to load extremely fast, that they are razor sharp and that among the images that show the product in a webshop, there are also 360° camera shots where you get the option to zoom in and out from any angle and rotate the product.

Nevertheless, it is expensive and time consuming to first send the products off for photography and then get the images, post-processed, exposed, reduced and reformatted to fit your webshop. Especially 360° photography runs up. Typically, a 360° shot typically costs over DKK 800 per shot. Recording.

All that you get beyond via ORBITVU 360 degree photography. At ORBITVU, 360-degree photos are free once you have acquired our software and 360-degree photo studio.

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How to make 360-degree images with ORBITVU

ORBITVU makes the process easier, faster and cheaper. Once you have bought or rented an ORBITVU 360 photo studio, you can take as many 360 degree pictures as you want. No extra cost; it’s all in the software.

ORBITVU hardware includes a turntable that rotates after each shot. Press the button and ORBITVU handles the entire 360° recording of approx. 3 minutes.

ORBITVU software subsequently removes the background and handles all the expensive and time-consuming processes that usually accompany the post-production of product images. And which is especially included in the finishing of traditional 360° photography, where it e.g. it is necessary to remove the background of as many single images (32+ images) as the total 360 degree shooting.

Background lighting, like lighting, is an automatic process. It does not take many moments for today’s computers to figure that out, if they are otherwise equipped with ORBITVU’s software.

360 degree images create customer interest

Stand out from your competitors with a more professional presentation of your product. Present the product more attractively in your shop and give the customer an overview of every product detail. It also becomes easier to share and manage product images on social media – all with ORBITVU’s 360-degree photography and image processing.

ORBITVU guarantees product images of the maximum quality available on the Internet today and at the same time meets consumers’ demands for lightning-fast load time, 100% sharpness and 360-degree view with the option of zoom. ORBITVU solves all challenges related to product photography. It is a user-friendly, fast and future-proof solution that saves you both time and money.

ORBITVU allows you to view global images stored in one place

ORBITVU’s automated solution allows you to upload your 360° product images to either your own ORBITVU server or an entire third-party server. You can then upload the images to your webshop, or simply use embed code to load pictures. This has the advantage that you always just store images, including 360° product photos, on a single server. This applies even if you call request the image from multiple websites located on different servers.

Let’s say you are, for example, Puma or New Balance and launch a new football boot that is sold in 1,000 different webshops around the world. When handing out embedding codes to the retailers, you will be able to make sure that your product image is displayed to the full capacity of the individual webshop and always with updated 2 D and 360 degree product images. You do not run the risk of the retailer uploading the wrong image or image in the wrong format or size. If you later change the recording, you only need to replace your 2 D or 360 degree product image in one place, after which it is automatically changed in all other places where the embedding code is up-loaded.

The image is also optimally displayed on social media and should you feel like replacing the image, you only need to do it one place from your central server. Subsequently, the image will be automatically replaced anywhere else on the web where it is displayed via the embedding code

The benefit of debit codes is as follows:

  • The image is loaded at maximum speed for the consumer
  • Extremely fast upload for the dealer
  • Changes in one place and is replaced worldwide.
  • Via ORBITVUsmultiview software, 360° shots are perfect on all devices
  • Deepzoom with multitouch lets the customer zoom in from all angles without compromising quality.
  • The production of 360° images has now been made significantly easier, cheaper and faster. The production does not require a 360 degree camera.
  • Delicious and functional presentation increases your sales
Orbitvu Micro


ALPHASHOT XL automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 70x50x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 25 kg.


ALPHASTUDIO Compact pro v2 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size 130x80x70 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 100 kg.


ALPHASHOT 360 automatically shoots 2D packshots and 360° photos of products up to the size of 30x30x30 [HxWxD], and up to a weight of 3 kg.

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