With Orbitvu’s software, you can easily upload product images directly to your webshop with Orbitvu’s e-commerce plugins.

process from photostudio to ecommerce website. Screwdriver, boots, bag, console

Directly to your webshop

Orbitvu’s eCommerce plugins make it easy to display Orbitvu presentations (360°/3D, Orbitvu 2D images, *Orbitvu videos, and *ORBITTOURS) on your webshop. No HTML and coding knowledge is required. They provide many useful features such as:

  • integrated lightbox
  • zoom magnifying glass
  • mobile-optimized frontend gallery
  • automatic (one-click) or manual linking of Orbitvu presentations with products
  • displays both original images and Orbitvu presentations
  • copying Orbitvu 2D images to native e-commerce platform images so they are visible  and ready for use by third-party plugins

*Orbitvu videos and ORBITTOURS are only available in the SUN version of the plugin.

The finishing touch to your workflow

With Orbitvu’s integrations, the process from taking the product images/video, editing, and uploading is done with ease.

1. Take a series of photo

2. Edit

3. One click; send directly to your webshop.

Orbitvu product photography solutions stacked in front of each other

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