Plug and Play product photography of shoes

ORBITVU has specially designed a plug & play solution, which handles all stages of the spectacle photography process in-house through just 3 steps – extremely fast and therefore cheap and in exceptionally good quality.

Advantages of Orbitvu:

Achieve huge savings with Orbitvu if you:

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Orbitvu AlphaShot XL

Alphashot XL pro v2

The perfect photo studio for shoe photography.

Professional content and faster workflow

The entire photo process is automated with Alphashot XL Wine, which reduces the time spent per image down to seconds. This includes removing the background and inserting shadows and/or reflections. You do not have to be a photographer to get perfect packshots.

Uniformity & perfect lighting

ALPHASHOT XL pro v2 can automatically take 2D packshots and 360° pictures of products with a size of up to 70x50x30 [HxBxD] and a weight of 25 kg.

orange suede boot
white shoes Asics
brown suede shoe
black high heels
white sneaker
brown shoe
black highrise boot
white Adidas running shoes
black boot

Faster, easier, cheaper

Create 5 images in no time, with the perfect shadows and angles for customer conversion on your webshop.

With Orbitvu, you can shoot up to 50 shoes in 5 hours with 5 images each, with correct colors and perfect uniformity.

colourful shoes
Orbitvu setup with pc and studio

No creative restrictions

You can easily take creative and stylistic product photos in the photo studio with fully controllable LED lighting. You can also take group photos, videos and 360° photos.

Visualize your shoes with 360°

With Orbitvu’s 360-degree solution, your customers will be able to inspect your shoes from all desired angles on your webshop, with an increase in the ability to buy and a reduction in costly returned goods.

In just 3 minutes, the Orbitvu solution photographs the shoe from all angles, after which the 360-degree image is uploaded directly to your webshop, just like for Packshots.

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