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Why Fashion Studio?

The Orbitvu Fashion Studio is an integrated photography studio providing a complete solution to productively and simply create stunning high-quality still and video content for use on your
e-commerce, social media and digital advertising platforms.

Work faster than ever
Supported by software, which controls all aspects of the studio and camera, productivity is optimized by streamlining image capture, post-production and export functions.
Flexible to your needs
Adapts to your style and workflow. Provides complete creative control with an interface that can adapt to your needs and skill set.
Repeatability is important
Create a productive and consistent workflow with your own (or predefined) templates to preserve the unique look through every shot.

Software &

A seamless integration of software and
hardware provides automation of your
image production without sacrificing
control or creativity.

Lighting Zones

The system features seven powerful LED light sources and fourteen individual light zones. The lights include a main light, a fill light, two kick lights, and both front and back upper lights. Positions of the main and fill light can be reversed based on user preference. The system can generate two hundred and fifty thousand lumens of total light, providing unparalleled light control, and creative options.



The motorized camera stand provides complete and repeatable control of the camera’s tilt angle, height and zoom position — all that directly from the operator interface.

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