Plug and Play product photography of home interior products

ORBITVU has specially designed a plug & play solution, which handles all stages of the spectacle photography process in-house through just 3 steps – extremely fast and therefore cheap and in exceptionally good quality.

Advantages of Orbitvu:

Achieve huge savings with Orbitvu if you:

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Case study with Lampan

Orbitvu AlphaStudio XXL with yellow chair inside

Alphastudio XXL pro v2

The perfect photo studio for furniture photography.

Professional content and faster workflow

The entire photo process is automated with Alphastudio XXL pro v2, which reduces the time spent per image down to seconds. This includes removing the background and inserting shadows and/or reflections. You do not have to be a photographer to get perfect packshots.

Uniformity & perfect lighting

ALPHASTUDIO XXL pro v2 can automatically take 2D packshots and 360° pictures of products with a size of up to 190x80x70 [HxWxD] and a weight of 100 kg.

yellow lounge chair

Everything from glass to furniture

Orbitvu provides automated flexible solutions for your interior photography needs.

Everything from small decorations to large furniture can be automatically shot using the Orbitvu solution.

The software sets the light and angles, and easily takes the images you need regardless of size, material or shape.

wine glass
baby chair

Perfect colors and texture

Never leave the customer in doubt about the texture, material, or color of your products. With Orbitvu’s automated solution, you will always achieve a high-quality result that reflects the product’s true composition and color, without the need for time-consuming photo editing.

Visualize your furniture with 360°

With ORBITVU’s 360-degree solution, your customers see your furniture from all desired angles in the web shop – thus you get an increased willingness to buy and fewer expensive returns.

In just 3 minutes, ORBITVU’s solution photographs your furniture from all angles and then uploads the 360-degree images directly to your webshop. Like if it was packshots.

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