10x efficiency with Orbitvu: Bildeler.no

With two men in the arena, Bildeler.no managed to take pictures of 81 products in one hour! That’s 41 seconds per product, including uploading to the webshop. It’s a record that even we in the showroom have not yet been able to match – how they did it, you’ll have to hear from them!

In total, the implementation of Orbitvu’s solution has provided a 10-fold increase in efficiency in product photography.

Hear more about Erlend Skagested creating value with Orbitvu in the video.

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Alphashot XL V2 – Bildeler.no’s process

Product photography has previously been a time-consuming process for us. We have made a mini-studio and done everything manually. Everything from turning the product into new angles to removing the background in Photoshop. Orbitvu has solved this for us by automating this process. All we need to think about is taking the product into the studio and pressing a button. Then the job is almost done! We have gone from taking three products per hour to thirty products per hour! We can highly recommend this solution.

Erlend Skagested,

Content Producer, Bildeler.no

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The perfect photo studio for spareparts photography

Professional content and faster workflow

The entire photo process is automated with Alphashot XL, which reduces the time spent per image down to seconds. This includes removing the background and inserting shadows and/or reflections. You do not have to be a photographer to get perfect packshots.

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