Fortessa Inc. – ALPHASHOT XL pro

Fortessa Inc. is an American company that sells dining table accessories, such as plates, knives, and glasses. Their products are shiny, reflective, and often transparent which makes photography, background removal, and other finishing very difficult. Fortunately, ALPHASHOT XL pro makes life easier for the Fortessa Inc. crew, who no longer have to spend as much time on product photography and post-processing as before, they now spend their time, and Fortessa Inc.’s resources, on sales and marketing.

“For years, producing inventory images of our products would take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes for each item. With the Alphashot XL Pro, we have literally saved HUNDREDS of hours of editing, freeing up time to work on other projects. We recently updated our 500+ page catalog, and really couldn’t have done it in the tight time frame we had to work with without the Alphashot XL Pro.”

Roxanne Williams, Direktor Network, Fortessa Inc.

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