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Ecommerce teams achieve more content and faster photography

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“At Lampan, we have approximately 8,000 different kind of lamps in our website (…) An important success factor for us is the possibility to have our own content both text and image. The Orbitvu solution helped us to create the content we need that let our customer experience the lamp on the screen.”


“Wareco is a supplier of hand tools for more than 15 years. Our customers need good quality product pictures and we deliver them with Orbitvu. We used to take pictures ourselves and it took 20 minutes to produce one. With Orbitvu it takes us about 3-5 minutes to get a quality picture without any background.”

“We’ve gone from taking pictures of three products – to thirty products per hour!”


“Orbitvu has saved us an average of 20 hours a week.”

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    Lampan – Alphastudio XXL pro v2

    Lampan was founded in 1980 and is a reseller of lamps throughout the Nordic region with headquarters in Uddevalla, Sweden. With Alphastudio XXL pro v2, Lampan now takes much faster pictures for their website, as well as being able to take 360 degree pictures to give the customer the best view of Lampan’s products.

    Lampan has about 8000 unique articles (…) One of the big reasons why we invested in Orbitvu was that it had great opportunities in its solution … We have a very wide range of products made from different materials, different sizes, which makes the product photography process much more difficult, but this solves Orbitvu Nordic super well.

    Wareco – Alphastudio Compact pro v2

    Wareco sells tools for offices throughout the Nordic region. They have purchased an Alphastudio Compact pro v2 to save time and money on product photography.

    Previously, we spent over 20 minutes taking a product photo, where we are now down to about 3-4 minutes. Orbitvu allows us to create 360 degree photos and Orbittour which lets you add hotspots with videos and photos or brochures

    Susanne Visholm, Marketing Manager, Wareco International

    JOMA – Alphashot 360

    JOMA was founded in 1965 and has streamlined the process of photoshoots in their online webshop. Therefore, they now achieve a faster and cheaper workflow in their product photography process by specifically removing background and image editing.

    They also have the option of 360 degree photography.


    ZACARIS sells clothes, shoes and accessories for various large companies through their webshop.

    The help from ORBITVU solved their time and resource problems. They can now take up to 120 products a day per. ORBITVU machine. Cheap, easy and fast in high quality.